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Functions of a heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is an apparatus by means of which heat can be transferred from one medium to another – usually separated by a wall. The two media used can either be both gaseous, both liquid, or one of each. The possible applications of heat exchangers are very diverse. With its in-house engineering, DELLER safety heat exchangers is able to individually calculate and design heat exchangers according to your specific process parameters.

Design factors

The design of your heat exchanger ensures that the desired performance with the appropriate dimensioning for given parameters is achieved. The heat transfer surface of the heat exchanger is dependent on the specific parameters of the existing media (type/aggregate state, flow rate and temperatures), mass flow and the desired temperature differences.

In cooperation with DELLER safety heat exchangers, you don’t have to resort to standard products for the heat exchange in your plant. Rather, you will receive a custom-made and efficient heat exchanger exactly designed according to your preferred parameters.

The advantage is that the exact design of your heat exchanger to the specified parameters reduces contamination of the product on the long run as the medium’s dwell times in the heat exchanger themselves are reduced. A heat exchanger that is too large, for instance, offers you higher “performance reserves” but has negative effects on the maintenance intervals and durability.

How heat exchangers are calculated

Choice of the appropriate technology

The choice of the appropriate technology depends on various parameters. The target temperatures at the inlet and outlet of the tube and shell sides, the type of media in the heat exchanger, the specific application of the heat exchanger in your plant and, of course, how much space is available within the plant must be taken into account.

Depending on the result of a closer look at these parameters, we design a suitable shell-and-tube heat exchanger or, thanks to the cooperation within our corporate group, we refer you to our sister company XELSION heat transfer solutions.

Together with XELSION, we can also provide you with high-quality, customized plate heat exchangers within a short span of time. Learn more about XELSION.

Thermal design

Once a suitable technology has been selected for your project, the heat exchanger is to be dimensioned. Our engineering department determines the heat transfer area and the geometry of the heat exchanger according to the desired performance.

It is essential to achieve a complete calculation basis for the design of the heat exchanger. The transparent communication with customers and suppliers maintained at DELLER safety heat exchangers supports us in this endeavor.

The following parameters are required to fully design your heat exchanger:

  • Capacity
  • Temperature
  • Performance
  • Input and output temperature Specific heat capacity
  • Logarithmic temperature difference Heat exchange coefficient
  • Heat exchange surface
  • Reynolds number
  • Prandtl number
  • Nusselt number

Pressure drop calculation

Once the heat exchanger has been thermally designed, it is also important to determine the pressure drops in the apparatus. Pressure drops in a heat exchanger occur because the media used lose energy due to friction on the walls and flows in the flow channel, e.g. at the bends. The aim is to reduce this pressure drop with the aid of suitable dimensioning and geometry in order to further increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger and achieve a more uniform flow through the apparatus.

The performance of your heat exchanger

The actual performance of the heat exchanger always depends to a large extent on its design. Accordingly, it makes sense to have such a design carried out in advance of the production and commissioning of your heat exchanger. This will ensure that the desired performance of the apparatus, as specified by you, will be maintained and that the heat exchange to be achieved will take place.

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DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers is a medium-sized enterprise in the fields of apparatus and plant engineering and a leader in the construction of safety heat exchangers. Our customers are well-known companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the petrochemical industry, the food industry, and the energy sector.

We rely on individual, innovative solutions and consider ourselves our customers’ partner. We realize complex tasks, from the manufacture of individual products to the planning, production and assembly of entire plants. We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and bank on the competence of every single one of our employees.

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