Straight-tube heat exchangers from DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers


Type GVS

Heat exchangers, horizontal or vertical contruction with straight heating surface tubes fixed on both sides in tube plates by being rolled or welded in. Both tube plates are welded to the shell. Because the shell side is not accessible, this type is suitable for the use with steam, thermal oil or conditioned coolant. After dismantling the heads the tube side is easy to clean, particularly in conjunction with large diameter tubes. Depending on operating conditions, an expansion bellow joint may be required to compensate expansion.

Type GVD

Construction with shell side gland sealing. The non rigid second tube plate permits expansion compensation. The tube bundle insert can be üulled out after disconnecting the vessel flanges. The use of the gland enables an operating pressure up to approx. 10 bar.

Type OKS

Construction similar to type GVD with special design variants for use as oil cooler.

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